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15 powerful social media tips for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Facebook Power Tips Get Local If you are only going to do one thing with social media from now on then it should be this. Join [...]

Mobile Marketing

In 2014, mobile traffic to the average website reached the point where it exceeded visits from computers, and it’s continued to grow. From January 2011 to October 2013, visits to Making Your Own [...]

Speed up WordPress with Varnish software

Increase the performance of WordPress using Varnish and optimise your content-heavy sites.  Nobody like to wait ages for a page to load. If your site is loading slowly people will just go [...]

Quick beginning guide to keywords

Keywords help search engines determine if your web pages are relevant to the search terms entered by a user. However, making your pages more relevant isn’t simply a matter of packing your copy [...]

Optimise content for a better ranking

In today’s content-driven world of digital marketing. It is a marketer’s goal to persuade a content-saturated audience to consumer their particular content, share that content with their network, [...]

Search Engines: How to get listed

Any site containing inbound links will eventually be indexed by all the major search engines, but you can submit it manually to be sure. Google and Bing enable you to manually submit your site. [...]

Email Marketing with MailChimp

You’d be missing a trick if you don’t look into selling your product or service via the medium through which most people can be reached. Email success Email marketing is the most effective way to [...]

Getting your site written

Ask any web designer and they’ll tell you that, while their clients are happy to lavish plenty of time and effort on the look and feel of their shiny new site, they’ll pay almost no attention to [...]

Using Google Analytics

Information is power: you need to know which pages on your site are popular, and track your visitors from arriving at your site to clicking “Buy”. Google Analytics does this for FREE! This data [...]

Ecommerce for WordPress

Not only is WordPress a great framework for a business website, but you can also add ecommerce functionality through a range of plugins. If you want to host your online shop on your own server [...]

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