Top five social media platforms – Facebook

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Facebook 2.3 billion

YouTube 1.9 billion

Instagram 1.0 billion

Qzone 531 million

TikTok 500 million

Where is social now?

What is the current state of social media, and what should you be looking out for?

From myspace to TikTok, social media has exploded over the last 15 years. A digital space with almost no rules, or a true definition of what it is and where it’s going. It was the unknown, and still is.

Fast forward to 2019, and social media is mammoth, with huge personalities presenting to an even bigger audience, insane data and gurus. With all this change, structure, and specialised careers coming out of the past 15 years, there is one thing you should always know – social media will always change, and you’ve got to move with it.

Right now, as a brand or person of interest entering into social media for the first time, it may be daunting. How are you meant to compete with those giants who seem to have it sussed? Social media works in mystical ways – ok, not so mystical, but more on the algorithmic ‘understanding your audience and finding your voice’ side of things.

Although these giants may have teams of creative, copywriters and strategist, you will always have your personality. No large team can recreate that. Being authentically you has never been more desirable, and enables your audience to create a more meaningful connection to your brand. you don’t need to bring them into your personal life, but let them see you, hear you, and find out what you stand for through your content and tome of voice. Don’t be scared to push those boundaries. How far you push is up to you.

Not every piece of content or story will be a home run, and that’s ok. It will take time to build up a network of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say. So don’t be discouraged – it may also be that you are just not telling it in the right place or to the right people. Keep looking for your audience. They may be in places you don’t expect.

The question that comes up all the time is ‘how do you measure success?’ this has had people up in arms figuring out what’s important. What do you want to achieve form your content? Was it to grow your audience or create engagement? Let the intention be engagement rate or like for like. Social media is powerful, but it can be incredibly fickle. Don’t let your stats entirely define what to create. If something doesn’t work, go back and look at why. Review, Rework. Re-publish and review again. Once you are able to determine what your audience enjoys, where they are and how you would like to show your personality, build on that. Social media is all about escalation.

“It will take time to build up a network of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say.”

5 Facebook facts

Top age demographic 25to34 make up 29.7% of users

Time spent – the average time spent on Facebook is 20 minutes

Audience 307+ Million people on Facebook in Europe alone

Advertising audience 43 female 57 male gender split

Average organic reach – the average reach worldwide compared to the total page likes is 6%


Facebook’s relevance, what tools and functions are at your disposal, and how could you use the platform to build your brand/business.

The largest online platform in the world, with over 2 billion active users, but is Facebook still relevant?

Data taken from the top page categories showed that they have experienced a decline of up to 70% engagement. The worst affected in this case were artists’ pages. However, don’t be put off by the bleak stats. Facebook is in a changing state, so you’ve just got to be willing to move with it.

Some say Facebook’s publishing tools are a little bloated, but here are a few that you should consider focusing on.


By creating a group on Facebook, you’re able to connect one on one with your audience. You are providing them with a space in which they can discuss and share their own opinions based on a topic you’ve set. It becomes less about broadcasting and more about collaborating, and with over 400 million people in meaningful groups, it’s a great time to start.

A successful group isn’t easy. You’ve got to give a reason for people to join, and of course, it needs to have some relevance to your brand. Think about what topics you could set. This could be a theme, brand value, collaborative effort – either way, it has to have as much value to your audience as it does to you.

If you can create a home for this topic, you will have created a community with a deeper connection to your brand. This advocacy will create word of mouth, and through that, micro influencers who will become a trusted voice.


Facebook reported that 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.

The best part is, there isn’t a whole lot you need to do to get this started! Make sure you’ve turned on private messaging for your page. You’re using the messenger call to action on your content, and most importantly, you’re replying!

You could explore bots. However, if you are not offering a service that requires and order status, FAQ lookup or some gimmicky interaction, don’t invest in it. Keep it human! Apart from the automatic greeting, which is a great way to let people know their message has been received and when to expect a reply.

Product Catalogue

This tool is free, and it carries over to Instagram. If you are selling products through your website or a third party site, consider setting up a product catalogue, which can be found in your Business Manager. This will enable you to tag products in posts, which comes in handy when sometimes the copy doesn’t call for a long explanation of the products featured in that post.

Event Pages

These micro groups have come a long way since being the main source of a birthday party invitation. If you are planning on a series of events over the summer, spend the time to build out an event page for each. Cover what to expect, where to buy tickets, and most importantly, keep those interested updated on the happenings by sharing updates to the timeline.

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