Using Google Analytics

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Information is power: you need to know which pages on your site are popular, and track your visitors from arriving at your site to clicking “Buy”. Google Analytics does this for FREE!

This data can help you test and improve every step of the process. If for example, a high number of users exit your site at a particular page, you can change it and see if it improves. Analytics will tell you where visitors come from, whether via a pay-per-click ad, organic search results, links from other sites or typing your URL into a browser.

Set up your account

To set up Google Analytics for a website, all you need is a free Google account, then go to and click Sign Up. You’ll find yourself at the New Account Signup page; select the Universal Analytics option, as this offers more features. Fill in your website name and URL, then select an industry category and time zone. You can also decide how your data’s shared; we suggest deselecting the bottom option. Click Get Tracking ID

Get tracking

Read the Ter,s and Conditions and click “ I Accept”. Click Create New Account. You’re presented with your tracking cod. If you’re using WordPress and you’ve installed the All in One SEO plugin, all you need is the Tracking ID (starting with UA). Copy and paste this number into appropriate feed in the General Setting – Google Setting section. If you’re using another system, you’ll have to copy and paste the tracking code below the ID so that appears on every page.

Does it work

Click the Reporting tab in the Google Analytics Dashboard and select Real-Time – Overview. Now, load up your website as your customer would see it and you should see the number under “Right now” change from zero to one. If it does, you know your account is now set up and working.


After a few days, you can click the Reporting tab and examine your site’s audience. Once critical metric to monitor is the percentage of traffic that’s coming to your site from mobile devices. You can be sure this will increase over time, so it’s essential you use a responsive theme for your website to cater for these people.

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