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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in 2014 that he believes his social media giant will be “mostly video” within 5 years. Over the following year, video quadrupled as Facebook introduced new and increasingly sophisticated advertising tools for video marketers in an attempt to slug it out with YouTube as the world’s dominant video platform.

If you want to have success on any platform, you need to spot trends and work with them. Whether you intend to use paid Facebook advertising to promote your business or to reply on free views, it makes sense to use techniques and media that they prefer. Facebook uses many factors to decide whether any particular post of your will appear on a user’s News Feed and how prominent it will be. One of these is the format used, with text being the least preferred followed by images. Today’s preferred format is video and, given Zuckerberg’s comments, it’s likely to become more and more important over time.

However, the content of the post is more important than its format. If Facebook determines hat your post is purely promotional – a product launch video, for example – it will show it to only a tiny proportion of your page’s followers. Furthermore, that post if likely to receive only a small number of comments and Likes from those who do see it.

This is potentially crippling: “engagement” is a vital metric that Facebook uses to decide whether other users should see a post. Create a purely educational video, on the other hand, or one that takes viewers behind the scenes of your business, and it’s likely to be seen by a greater percentage of your followers. They’re also more likely to engage through Likes, comments and shares, increasing the chances of it being seen by others. This is one of the reasons why the more followers a page has, the lower its “reach” (the percentage who see a post). A page with a millions followers is seen as more likely to post promotional contents – it’s run by an agency that thinks it knows how to use social media but is, in fact being punished by Facebook for being over-commercial.

Five Tips For Successful Facebook Videos

1 – Keep It Short

Facebook users have famously short attention spans, so a 30-second clip focusing on one narrow topic is better than a ten-minute video covering a wider range.

2 – Grab Them In Three Seconds

That’s how much of your video users see as they scroll through their News Feed before deciding whether to watch the rest of it. If they watch three seconds but then move on, that counts as a view to Facebook – but it’s done nothing for your marketing.

3 – Make It Work In Silent

Most views will take place on mobile and in that case, although the video will auto-play, it will do so without sound. You need to make sure that the beginning of your video, at least, works silent. Given tip 2, this means producing some extremely effective visuals that compel users to watch the full video.

4 – Be Topical

The most successful topical events, whether that’s a popular TV show, sports event or more general news. If you know an event is coming up that will appeal to your audience – for example, a new series of a big TV franchise – you can plan it into your marketing. On the other hand, you can also respond to unplanned events that take off on social media. In this case, you need to work quickly by using, for instance, an online animation package such as Powtoon or Wideo so you can ride the wave and get a lot of engagement in a short time.

5 – Have High Production Standards.

While it’s true that many of the videos we see on Facebook are shot (in portrait) on a shaky smartphone, this simply won’t do for your business. Remember that the ultimate purpose of all your marketing is to sell something either now or, more likely, by building a relationship with the potential customer that results in a sale later. Customers don’t buy from amateurs. Even if your brand is deliberately quirky, your video must never look as though it’s been thrown together on the cheap by ignoramuses. With good lighting, a tripod and a decent camera (including those o top range smartphones), it’s perfectly possible to make a video that projects the right image without taking long to make. Alternatively, as with tip 4, look at the online animation packages for a fast turnaround.

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