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Our amazing team of content specialists are here to improve and implement the best possible dental content marketing strategy for your practice. We can help you increase conversion and get more leads.

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What is content marketing?

You’ve most likely heard the term used before but what exactly does it mean? Well, content marketing simply means marketing your dental practice using content. This traditionally means written content. Content written by expert copywriters who know exactly how to draw the reader in and how to place keywords effectively. Content marketing isn’t just the content on your website, a successful and well-rounded content marketing strategy includes social media, outreach content and other forms of media (like photos and videos).

The trick to content marketing is in the targeting. You need to identify who your audience are and write specifically for them. This is your best chance to entice them to make contact with your dental practice. Our expert copywriters and content specialists can do that for you.

Why Is content marketing important?

Ensuring you have relevant content that the reader can relate to is incredibly important. Gone are the days when simple “we are the best” tactics still work. In the modern-day world of marketing, you need to prove your worth to a potential new client. You need to maintain a relationship with them. Courting visitors to your website, blog posts and social media can be achieved with well-placed and effective use of language. 

How will you improve and content marketing for my dental practice?

We have seasoned professionals with experience of and passion for content marketing. Professionals with a wealth of skills dedicated to making your content brilliant. Our team can easily produce show-stopping content strategies and engaging content. Content which will add value to the user, be relevant to them and make them feel as though they are part of the team!

uThink1 will ensure that the appropriate keywords are used in your content and that they are naturally placed. We’ll create content customised to your brand, using the tone and language that best suits you and your potential patients. We will work with you to create a bespoke strategy which will be custom-suited to your practice alone. Most importantly, we will use an outstanding content marketing strategy to bring in new business for your dental practice.

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