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Put your best digital foot forward with our effective, results-led dental SEO strategies. Strategies implemented by an experienced team of dental marketing SEO experts.

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As SEO experts, we know the latest and best ways to improve your search rankings. We know how to increase visits to your website. We know how to get you seen. A good website is useless if no-one sees it, so we work closely with your practice and utilise our SEO wizardry to give you a cost-efficient strategy to increase conversion and bring in new clients.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is exactly what it sounds like, optimising your website so that it ranks better on search engines such as Google and Bing. There are two different types of SEO, content-based and technical. Content-based SEO focuses on the quality and relevance of your content. Technical SEO considers things like load times and broken links. Both are important to draw people in. 

Why is SEO important?

The majority of the visits to your website will come from search engines like Google or Bing, (link) so a poor ranking can mean fewer visits to your website. This can result in a loss of potential new business. Ensuring that your content is SEO-optimised is synonymous with it being well-written, relevant and easy to read. Meaning SEO-optimisation can also improve the user experience and increase conversion.

How will you improve my SEO?

uThink1’s excellent knowledge of even the newest SEO practices combined with our uniquely creative and personalised approach means that we can implement a whole range of strategies to improve your dental SEO.

  • Content quality(link). A common misconception is that keywords are the most important aspect of SEO, this is wrong. Stuffing keywords into the content without regard for quality can do more harm than good. Well-written and relevant content with naturally-placed keywords works best, and we can do that for you!
  • Another common misconception is that links on other websites to your dental website are about quantity over quality, this is also wrong. Naturally placed links within well-written articles on high-authority sites are best. Some badly-placed links can actually hurt your SEO ranking. We can also ensure that internal links are placed on your website naturally, and any links to external sources are of good quality too.

Our dedicated SEO experts are here to help, just give us a call and we can let you know how we can help you.