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We tailor a bespoke content marketing strategy for each client. Our experienced copywriters know exactly how to make words sell.

uThink1 uses a content marketing strategy to ensure that all visitors have a pleasurable experience. If you have ever searched for a site and found the content to be off subject, packed full of keywords but little information, then a good content marketing strategy was not used. We ensure that the content is SEO optimised but still informative enough for people to want to read it and ensure that the content is targeted towards the audience you want to reach.

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Understanding content marketing strategy

This may be a word that you have heard before but not fully understood. Our experts have expertise in content marketing services so that you receive quality visitors to your new website. One of the most common ways for people to find your site is by searching for it via search engines. Without keyword placement this would be impossible. For years web users have been inundated with irrelevant content and website owners wondered how they had so many hits, yet so few sales.

The content marketing services offered by us can be used to ensure that if you want to target customers in a specific area, those looking will be able to find you. No one wants to search for an emergency Electrician in New Zealand and land on a page in Essex or London. This is one of the reasons that content marketing services are so important.

What can content marketing strategy do for you?

Content marketing services enable you to get more website visits from those that are looking for you and as part of a professional web design service we don’t only help them to reach your page, we also help them to navigate easily and land on the page that they are interested in looking at. Creating content that is relevant to their search looks professional, which is of course what potential customers are looking for. Content on sites without this expert touch can be off putting. The end goal in any type of business venture is to create profit and recognition. Good recognition will give you repeat custom and visitors, and be more likely to be shared with friends, family and co-workers when they are looking for the same service.

Content marketing strategy to make navigation easier and faster

Every page of your website will be optimised to suit the content. Many people have a range of products and services, and through search engines they can be found without the visitors having to navigate from the home page. Links can be inserted to take people from one relevant page of the site to another, without them having to start from scratch within the content, and even to other websites or pages if you wish to link them. Content marketing services give customers a faster way to find exactly what they are looking for. That’s the beauty of the internet and the reason why so many people use it to find a service or product than a phone book or paper index. Having a site that is badly laid out defeats the object of the fast service they are looking for.